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Our Bac< Story

Back pain affects around 80% of the population at some stage in their life. It's the second most common reason for taking time off work. If you suffer from back pain, you know how debilitating and unpleasant it can be. At its worst, it can seem to take over your life.

The causes are as varied as the symptoms. You might have taken a tumble, suffered a sports injury, worked too hard in the garden, or aggravated a lurking problem from years ago. Some of us are at greater risk because of our body shape, lifestyle or age.

And yet, despite being such a common problem, back pain isn't something that is often properly addressed. Some of the products you can buy, from clunky braces to supports, we believe could be better.

The truth is, much of the back pain we put up with is quite unnecessary. It can be tackled. But you need the right combination of specialist understanding and design knowledge. That's what Bac< is all about.

At Handsome, we believe that a healthy back is fundamental to a happy life and we want to get people moving again and avoid back pain in the first place. Whether they are currently suffering or have never had back pain before, we want to show that taking care of your back now can make a difference later. 

We believe that there is a lack of education and confusion at retail point of sale, and that we can provide clear, innovative products to prevent and treat back pain. 

At Bac< we have developed a range of products to help support backs in order to both prevent and ease the pain. Used in combination with our recommended exercises, we believe that we can begin to change the state of the nations back health today.