Mobilise Whilst Using The Posture Brace

Great mobilisation exercises designed to reduce Back Pain and improve Posture. Check them out to improve your health today! 

Low impact aerobic activities like walking, swimming and gardening are great for improving overall general health as they increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the structures of the spine. These gentle exercises are also beneficial for Back Pain since they reduce stiffness without jarring the spine and worsening aches.

Mobilising your back with low impact aerobic activities not only reduces the disability caused by chronic Back Pain, but it also helps improve Posture. 

Mobilisation Exercises:

These exercises below can be done while wearing the Posture Brace to help maintain the correct posture while exercising and to reduce back pain. The Posture Brace is made from a breathable and lightweight material making it one of the highest quality braces available today. With this Posture Brace, you can overcome all posture related problems, prevent slouching and stand tall with more confidence.