How To Prevent Chronic Pain

Almost 10 million Brits suffer with Chronic pain daily! Are you struggling with Chonic Pain?

We have broken down Chronic pain for you, the causes, symptoms and most importantly the treatments you can implement in your daily lives to help fight back! 

Chronic Pain on the Back: A Modern Issue 

Back pain may be caused from heavy lifting or from the wrong sitting position in your workplace. Though most back pain can be treated with physiotherapy or by taking some time off, there are many cases in which back pain becomes a constant, daily problem.

When tissue damage occurs, that means that it would require a large time period to heal. However, there are times when the pain comes back periodically after the muscle tissue has been repaired. This means the person suffers from chronic pain.

Most of the people that suffer from back pain engage in a sitting job - Employees in companies and businesses, managers, and secretaries, all facing the same problem. Chronic pain in the back is most of the time caused by improper sitting position. The office chairs may be unsuitable for your body type. During the day, the body has the tendency to relax and lean forward. This results to a very poor sitting position that usually leads to back pain. Healthcare expert Doug Jones kindly gave BackPainHelp expert knowledge on the 'Impact Of Sitting'

Chronic Pain Symptoms

A person may experience one or a combination of the above symptoms. In such case, he must immediately visit a doctor, in order to get the proper treatment and consultation. In most cases, prompt treatment may lead to the most efficient and permanent results. So these symptoms are not to be ignored:

• Difficulty in moving, whether it is in a standing or sitting position

• The pain seems to be expanding to the groin, or even the upper thigh

• Strange pain with an achy and dull combination

• Severe muscle spasms through the day

Back Pain Treatment and Pain Management

Once you detect a back issue, there are a lot of things you can do besides visiting a doctor. Take some time off is this is possible to help your muscles relax and heal. Avoid any heavy lifting or improper sitting, even for a short period of time.

Visit a physician in order to provide you with a proper pain management with the use of medical massage to your back and help you treat your pain. If the back pain is really severe, perhaps you should ask your doctor provide you with some pain killers in order to be able to stand, walk or go to work.

Also look into Drug free medical devices, here at BackPainHelp we have a full range of products designed with Chronic pain in mind! 

The one of most popular product's for pain is our Back Brace, Ideal for managing Lower Back Pain. The Brace is a Class 1 medical device, designed with the London Spine Clinic and made in the UK! 

Precautions in Order to Avoid Back Pain

In order to avoid any back pain issues or even a chronic pain, you have to change the way you sit. Choose a chair suitable to your height and back needs. Make sure your back is fully supported by the chair and that you are sitting straight with your back against the chair. 

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